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    • 21 Jul 2016
    • 15 Dec 2016
    • 6 sessions
    • Vigo County Public Library, 1 Library Square, Terre Haute, Indiana


        Legacy USERS Group     

          3rd Thursday of the Month

    July        21    2:00-4:00 & 5:30-8:00 p.m.    Special Collections

    Aug        18    2:00-4:00 & 5:30-8:00 p.m      Room C

    Sep        15    2:00-4:00 & 5:30-8:00 p.m       Room C

    Oct         20    2:00-4:00 & 5:30-8:00 p.m      Room C

    Nov        17    2:00-4:00 & 5:30-8:00 p.m      Special Collections

    Dec        1 5    2:00-4:00 & 5:30-8:00 p.m     Room C

    Legacy Family Tree is a family history computer program that makes it extremely easy to store your genealogical information.

    Family trees containing millions of people that can be recorded, displayed and reported.  Legacy Family Tree keeps track of names, dates, places, events, notes, sources, pictures and sounds.  It presents them on screen in such an intuitive manner that you can easily see the big picture of your entire family.  It is easy to navigate through all your family links using the Family View and Pedigree View screens.  Adding and editing new individuals can be done at any time and in either view.  Moving from generation to generation is a breeze.  You can also create reports and books from your family genealogy.

    Legacy USERS Group means:

    Members “Learning New Things Together”

    Members “Asking How to Do This?”

    Members “Sharing What They Found In Legacy”

    For more information contact Joy McPheeters (ejmcpheeters@gmail.com).

    • 07 Dec 2016
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Vigo County Public Library - Room D
    WVGS Board Meeting

    December 7, 2016
    6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. 
    Vigo County Public Library
    Room D

    Members are always welcome!

    • 12 Dec 2016
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Vigo County Public Library - Room A, B & C, One Library Square, Terre Haute, IN - Doors open at 6:00 p.m.

    WVGS Annual Business Meeting

    and Holiday Social

    Monday, December 12, 2016

    VCPL Rooms A, B & C

    Doors open at 6:00 p.m.


    WVGS members are cordially invited to the 2016 Annual Business Meeting & Holiday Social. There will be genealogy games, a round of "Genealogy Table Talk", socializing, great food and extra special door prizes. 

    "Genealogy Table Talk" - Bring a photo, a small family heirloom or a family tale. At each table, everyone will share a family story about the object or photo they have brought. Each table will then select the best story, picture or object at their table and we will share these with the entire group. Prizes will be give for the “best” at each table. This should be a fun activity as all of us share just a bit of our own family histories.

    Special Door Prizes -  1 TB Portable Hard Drive, Wheeled Case with Telescoping Handle,  Collection of Archive Supplies and an Annual Membership to Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

    Annual Business Meeting & Elections - A short business meeting will be conducted covering election of officers, approving the 2017 budget, etc.

    Pitch-In Meal -  The main entrees will be provided. If you are able please bring your favorite side-dish - appetizers, vegetables desserts, etc. to share with fellow members.

    • 09 Jan 2017
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Vigo County Public Library, One Library Square, Terre Haute, IN

     "German Parish Records"

    Live Webinar by

           Gail Blankenau

    Monday, January 9, 2017

        6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

      VCPL Rooms A, B & C


    Refreshments & Socializing 6:00 p.m. 

    Gail Blankenau is a professional genealogist, speaker and author, specializing in German genealogy, land records, and lineage research. She first became interested in family history by looking for treasures in the attic when she was growing up. As a teenager, she started labeling old family photographs and things progressed from there.

    As a professional, some of her recent client projects have taken her to Salt Lake City, Utah, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Illinois, Texas and Missouri, as well as numerous projects in Nebraska. Her own roots are from almost every state east of the Mississippi. 

    In addition to performing private client research, Gail enjoys speaking and writing about genealogy. Her articles have appeared in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, The Genealogist, Everton’s Genealogical Helper, The National Genealogical Society magazine, Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy, The Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly and Nebraska Ancestree. 



    • 07 Mar 2017
    • 6:00 PM
    • 11 Apr 2017
    • 8:00 PM
    • Vigo County Public Library, One Library Square, Terre Haute, IN

    "Beginning Genealogy Classes - 2017"

    Wednesdays - March 7, 14, 21, 28 –

    April 4, 11,  2017

    6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

    VCPL Meeting Rooms – Lower Level

    Doors Open at 5:30 p.m.

    Cost for class & materials $25.00

    (Free one year WVGS membership included)

    Limited to 30 participants

    What you'll learn -

    - How to fill out genealogy charts

    - How to record and organize information

    - Where to find information to extend your family tree

    - How to search online and in repositories

    Who should take this course?

    - Anyone new to genealogy and family history research

    - Genealogy "dabblers" who need additional direction in order to advance their research

    - Researchers who want a refresher course in core research principals

    Who will be teaching the classes?

    Every week different WVGS members will be giving instruction in their areas of expertise.

    These individuals love genealogy research and want to share it with you!


    Registration and payment can be made on line or after completing the online registration a check can be mailed to -

    Wabash Valley Genealogy Society

    P.O. Box 9347

    Terre Haute, IN 47808-9347

    If you have any questions, please email wvgs@inwvgs.org or contact Linda Malooley at lmaloole@gmail.com or 812-238-2415 and leave a message.


    • 13 Mar 2017
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Vigo County Public Library, Rooms A, B & C, 1 Library Square, Terre Haute, IN

    "She Came From Nowhere..." 

    A Case Study Approach To A Difficult Genealogical Problem


    Michael Lacopo

    Monday, March 13, 2017

        6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

       VCPL Rooms A, B & C

    6:00 p.m. - Refreshments & Socializing

    This lecture illustrates the joys and pitfalls of Virginia research as well as employing a problem-solving approach utilizing social history, female research and family analysis to identify the parents of Elizabeth Stith, the ancestor "from nowhere." One need not have Virginia ancestors to see the Genealogical Proff Standard at Work!

    Dr. Michael D. Lacopo was born and raised in northern Indiana surrounded by extended family always willing to tell tall tales. Intrigued by his maternal family’s claim to be kinfolk of Abraham Lincoln, and his paternal family’s stories of murder and mayhem, he took to genealogical research in 1980 to substantiate these family stories. Genealogical research as a hobby was in its infancy in the 1980s. Combing libraries, archives, cemeteries and courthouses as a teenager, Michael gained the skills needed to become a keen researcher. His first major challenge in the world of research was tackled by finding his adopted mother’s birth parents in 1982. You can read about this adventure at his blog at Roots4U.blogspot.com with some engaging story-telling, plot twists and new findings!

    Although a budding genealogist in the 1980s, Michael completed his doctorate in veterinary medicine in 1991, while still spending time honing his research skills. As befitting a doctor, Michael treats his genealogicalresearch as he would medicine – carefully, methodically and completely. Several genealogical journal articles and publications appeared along the way. In 2013, Michael retired from his medical careerto pursue genealogical research full-time as a profession.

    He has contributed to numerous periodicals and has helped numerous people in their quests to locate their relatives – living and dead. He appeared in USA Today in 2000 discussing genealogy and the proposed destruction of the federal census tabulated in that year. His national lecturing began in Sacramento, CA, at the National Genealogical Society’s national conference in 2004, and has continued with several local, state, national, and international conference speaking engagements to this present day.

    Michael's interests and strengths include Mennonite research, German and Swiss research, especially as it pertains to the 18th century immigration to America, among many other topics. He makes many trips throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest states chasing ancestors in primary repositories, and also devotes a considerable amount of time to European research, being proficient in reading German script. Having ancestors from many geographic locales as well as immigrants spanning the 17th century to the 20th century, Michael has a wide variety of proficiencies. He believes that as genealogists we should tell the tales or our ancestors and is a vocal proponent for learning the social history that interweaves our ancestors into the fabric of the past.

    In addition to his story-telling and educational blog, Michael’s presence can be found online at www.Roots4U.com, or for more up-to-date lecture and research information, at his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Roots4U.





Past events

19 Nov 2016 DNA Interest Group
14 Nov 2016 "Frontier Resources and the Society of Indiana Pioneers" by Jan Aikman Dickson
02 Nov 2016 WVGS Board Meeting
25 Oct 2016 Family History Writers' Special Interest Group
10 Oct 2016 "How We Changed the Frontier and How the Frontier Changed Us" by Dennis Latta
05 Oct 2016 WVGS Board Meeting
27 Sep 2016 Family History Writers' Special Interest Group
13 Sep 2016 Live Webinar "Buckeye Beginnings: An Introduction to Ohio Research" by Amy Johnson Crow
07 Sep 2016 WVGS Board Meeting
23 Aug 2016 Family History Writers' Special Interest Group
08 Aug 2016 "Kentucky Land Records" by Kandie Adkinson
04 Aug 2016 Legacy USERS Group - 1st Thursday of the Month
04 Aug 2016 Legacy Computer Help Group
03 Aug 2016 WVGS Board Meeting
30 Jul 2016 DNA Interest Group
26 Jul 2016 Family History Writers' Special Interest Group
12 Jul 2016 "Beyond the Basics" by Steve Szabados
06 Jul 2016 WVGS Board Meeting
28 Jun 2016 Family History Writers' Special Interest Group
13 Jun 2016 Live Webinar "Before & After 1858: English & Welsh Wills and Death Records" by George Morgan
01 Jun 2016 WVGS Board Meeting
24 May 2016 Family History Writers' Special Interest Group
09 May 2016 "Researching Techniques for 3 WVGS Counties" by County Genealogists
04 May 2016 WVGS Board Meeting
26 Apr 2016 Family History Writers' Special Interest Group
20 Apr 2016 "Beginning Legacy Classes"
20 Apr 2016 "Beginning Legacy Classes"
14 Apr 2016 WVGS 2016 Allen County Bus Trip
11 Apr 2016 Live Webinar "Finding Your Landless Ancestors" by J. Mark Lowe
06 Apr 2016 WVGS Board Meeting
26 Mar 2016 DNA Interest Group
22 Mar 2016 Family History Writers' Special Interest Group
14 Mar 2016 "Fraternal Order of Everyone" by Ron Darrah
09 Mar 2016 "Beginning Genealogy Classes"
03 Mar 2016 "Society of Civil War Families In Indiana" Workshop
02 Mar 2016 WVGS Board Meeting
23 Feb 2016 Family History Writers' Special Interest Group
08 Feb 2016 "From Jamestown to Lost Creek: A 200 Year Journey" by James Shepard
03 Feb 2016 WVGS Board Meeting
26 Jan 2016 Family History Writers' Special Interest Group
11 Jan 2016 Live Webinar "How to Reopen and Work a Genealogical Cold Case" by Lisa Louise Cooke
06 Jan 2016 WVGS Board Meeting
14 Dec 2015 WVGS Annual Meeting & Holiday Social - MEMBERS ONLY
02 Dec 2015 WVGS Board Meeting
21 Nov 2015 DNA Interest Group
15 Nov 2015 Private Tour of the Veterans Memorial Museum of Terre Haute
09 Nov 2015 "Heroes in Our Back Yard" Military Stories & Research
04 Nov 2015 WVGS Board Meeting
12 Oct 2015 Live Webinar "Land Records in Illinois" by Michael John Neill
07 Oct 2015 WVGS Board Meeting
14 Sep 2015 "Czech and Slovak Research" by Mike Kukral
02 Sep 2015 WVGS Board Meeting
22 Aug 2015 Genealogy "Help Day"
10 Aug 2015 "An Introduction to Quaker Genealogy" by Thomas Hamm
05 Aug 2015 WVGS Board Meeting
25 Jul 2015 "Breaking Down Brick Walls in Genealogy through Research - Ohio River, Southern & Eastern States" by Rob Johnson
18 Jul 2015 DNA Interest Group
13 Jul 2015 Navigating Find-A-Grave: The Good & Bad of Online Memorials by the WVGS Cemetery Committee
01 Jul 2015 WVGS Board Meeting
08 Jun 2015 " wthhistory: The Rise and Decline of a Small Town"
03 Jun 2015 WVGS Board Meeting
11 May 2015 Live Webinar -"The Write Stuff: Using Nonfiction Writing Techniques to Write a Better Family History" by Lisa Alzo
06 May 2015 WVGS Board Meeting
04 May 2015 "Read All About It: Accessing Digitized Indiana Newspaper Archives" by Suzanne Hahn
22 Apr 2015 "Beginning Legacy Genealogy Classes"
13 Apr 2015 FamilySearch: The Journey from Imaging to Your Computer
01 Apr 2015 WVGS Board Meeting
21 Mar 2015 DNA Interest Group
11 Mar 2015 "Beginning Genealogy Classes"
09 Mar 2015 "Looking for Clues in the Cemetery" by Joy Neighbors
04 Mar 2015 WVGS Board Meeting
28 Feb 2015 "Technology Day"
09 Feb 2015 "Travel Through Time with Wabash Valey Visions & Voices" by Donna Adams & Vikki Sordean
04 Feb 2015 WVGS Board Meeting
24 Jan 2015 "What it takes to do Genealogy" Free Orientation
12 Jan 2015 "Google Earth for Genealogy" by Lisa Louise Cooke
07 Jan 2015 WVGS Board Meeting
08 Dec 2014 WVGS Annual Meeting & Holiday Social
03 Dec 2014 WVGS Board Meeting
10 Nov 2014 " ' Are We There Yet?' Proof and the Genealogy Police" by Harold Henderson
05 Nov 2014 WVGS Board Meeting
13 Oct 2014 "Prohibition is Here to Stay" by Jason Lantzer
01 Oct 2014 WVGS Board Meeting
10 Sep 2014 "Wabash Valley Funeral Home History - Past, Present & Future" by Gary Greiner
03 Sep 2014 WVGS Board Meeting
11 Aug 2014 "Bring 'Em Back to Life: Developing an Ancestor Profile" Live Webinar by George Morgan
06 Aug 2014 WVGS Board Meeting
05 Aug 2014 POSTPONED - Legacy Beginners Summer Classes
14 Jul 2014 "The Future of the Vigo County Historical Society" & 10th Anniversary Celebration
02 Jul 2014 WVGS Board Meeting
09 Jun 2014 "Backdooring the 1890 Census"
04 Jun 2014 WVGS Board Meeting
12 May 2014 "Jewish Heritage in Indiana" by Jeannie Regan-Dinius
07 May 2014 WVGS Board Meeting
06 May 2014 Legacy Beginners Classes
03 May 2014 "Understanding Y-DNA Test Results" Workshop by Tim Phipps
14 Apr 2014 "Backing Up Your Genealogy Data" Live Webinar by Thomas MacEntee
02 Apr 2014 WVGS Board Meeting
26 Mar 2014 "Beginning Genealogy Classes
22 Mar 2014 Carpool Trip - "Genealogy Online: Productive, Organized and Successful" by Cyndi Ingle
10 Mar 2014 "Researching Collateral Ancestors" by Terry D. Prall
05 Mar 2014 WVGS Board Meeting
24 Feb 2014 WVGS Board Meeting
10 Feb 2014 "Early Black Settlers in Vigo County" by Dee Reed
05 Feb 2014 WVGS Board Meeting
13 Jan 2014 "The Power of Family Stories" by Mike Lunsford
08 Jan 2014 WVGS Board Meeting
19 Dec 2013 Legacy Users Group Classes
19 Dec 2013 Legacy Users Group Classes
09 Dec 2013 WVGS Annual Meeting & Holiday Social - MEMBERS ONLY
04 Dec 2013 WVGS Board Meeting
21 Nov 2013 Legacy Users Group Classes
21 Nov 2013 Legacy Users Group Classes
05 Nov 2013 “Using Y-DNA to Enhance Genealogical Research” by Tim Phipps
30 Oct 2013 WVGS Board Meeting
17 Oct 2013 Legacy Users Group Classes
17 Oct 2013 Legacy Users Group Classes
14 Oct 2013 Education Forum - "7 Habits of Highly Effective Genealogists" by DearMYRTLE
02 Oct 2013 WVGS Board Meeting
21 Sep 2013 Carpool Trip - Clay County Genealogy Society Library
09 Sep 2013 "Capturing the Souls of Indiana - Celebration of Our Overlooked Cultural Heritage" by John Bower
04 Sep 2013 WVGS Board Meeting
21 Aug 2013 WVGS Allen County Bus Trip
12 Aug 2013 Education Forum - "From Cradle to Grave" Church Records
07 Aug 2013 WVGS Board Meeting
08 Jul 2013 "Brick Walls" by Carol Montrose
02 Jul 2013 WVGS Board Meeting
10 Jun 2013 "Is There an Indian Princess in Your Family? An Introduction to Native American Research"
18 May 2013 Day Seminar "On-Line Genealogy: Tracking Your Ancestors Through Cyberspace..."
13 May 2013 "DAR and SAR Membership Requirements" by LaVonne Waldren
27 Apr 2013 Carpool Trip - IGS Conference - Bloomington, IN
08 Apr 2013 "Using Maps in Your Research" by Monique Howell
23 Mar 2013 "Brick Wall Roundtable" moderated by WVGS Panel
20 Mar 2013 "Beginning Genealogy Classes
11 Mar 2013 "The Wabash River - It's Impact Through the Ages" - by Mike McCormick
11 Feb 2013 "Google for Genealogists" Live Webinar by Thomas MacEntee
14 Jan 2013 "Hidden Genealogical Treasures' by Jim Gilson
10 Dec 2012 WVGS Annual Meeting & Holiday Social
12 Nov 2012 "Land Ownership Search: Admire Acres"
08 Oct 2012 "7 Habits of Highly Effective Genealogists" by DearMYRTLE
17 Sep 2012 WVGS Volunteer Appreciation Picnic
10 Sep 2012 "What To Do With Your Records After Your Demise"
13 Aug 2012 "Researching Your Home's History"
07 Aug 2012 Legacy Computerized Genealogy Course
09 Jul 2012 "Early Knox County, Indiana, Court Records: Civil, Criminal and Probate"
11 Jun 2012 "Learning the 1940 Census"
02 Jun 2012 "The Montgomery, Parke County and Fountain Couty Indiana GENWEB Pages"
14 May 2012 "A Grave Matter in Indiana"
05 May 2012 Cemetery Preservation Workshop
09 Apr 2012 Dating Photographs through Clothing of Men and Children
03 Apr 2012 Legacy Computerized Genealogy Course
31 Mar 2012 Private Tour of Special Collections at ISU Cunningham Memorial Library
28 Mar 2012 "Beginning Genealogy Classes"
12 Mar 2012 "Dying to Help Out, Too"
13 Feb 2012 WVGS Education Forum - Brick Wall Hurdling
09 Jan 2012 "Family History in the Civil War Era"
12 Dec 2011 WVGS Annual Meeting & Holiday Social
14 Nov 2011 "Area Native Americans During the War of 1812 Era"
09 Nov 2011 Kentucky Three Day Research Trip
10 Oct 2011 "The Miner - Searches, History and Stories"
08 Oct 2011 Cemetery Preservation Workshop
29 Sep 2011 Indiana State Library Research Trip
12 Sep 2011 "The Underground Railroad in Indiana"
08 Aug 2011 "Preserving Your Records using a Digital Camera and Scanner"


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